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remedy instruction


Homeopathic Remedy Instructions 





Every time you get a prescription, you will have instructions on the label that will tell you how often the remedy should be given. 


If you have been given more than one remedy at your visit, these should be marked as RESERVE REMEDY and should not be used unless you have consulted with your practitioner.


Homeopathic remedies come in all shapes and sizes:

Often they will come as small white pellets. These are milk sugar pellets that are coated with the remedy. They all look the same. The sizes of the pellets can differ. Typical remedies come in either “poppy seed size pellets (#10)” or slightly larger “about ¼ of the size of a pea (#35)”. They may also be dispensed in liquid form. 


How to give the remedy:


It is important that you do not touch the remedies with your hands as they are coated and this will potentially contaminate the remedy and may render it ineffective. 


It is very important that you give the remedy on an empty stomach. Wait about 20 minutes before or after the remedy is administered.  There may be a potential for antidoting the remedy if given too close to feeding or drinking. 

If it is absolutely impossible to administer the remedy to your pet, you may use the remedy in a teaspoon of dairy product such as milk or cream.


Large pellets may be crushed by either using two spoons or by simply placing the pellets (without touching them with your hands) in a folded piece of paper and then using the back of a spoon to crush them.


Small pellets can be directly given orally


Liquids can be given orally as well with either a teaspoon or a syringe, which will be dispensed with the remedy.  


With any remedy, the second it hits the mouth (a mucous membrane) it has been given and should begin to act. Thus, if your pet does not like the texture (it actually tastes like sugar thus the taste is not intrusive), and they spit out the remedy, it does not matter. 


Reactions after giving a remedy: 

1. Immediate relief- within minutes to hours after the remedy (amelioration).

2. Immediate worsening of the symptoms;  improvement may follow within hours to days (homeopathic aggravation).

 If there are immediate worsening of symptoms, excessive fatigue, or unusual behavior, please discontinue the remedy and consult with your homeopath. 

3. Continued worsening of the condition. This may indicate the remedy had no affect and  another remedy may be necessary.  Please call, email,  or book an update appointment if you are concerned.


Homeopathic remedies are sensitive to other influences but can remain potent if stored properly:

  1. Store in a cool dark place. Keep away from eucalyptus, camphor, cloves, mint, or aromatherapy oils 

  2. Don’t store near any electromagnetic sources, speakers, microwave, TV, cell phones etc. 

  3. Don’t store in direct sunlight, excessive heat or cold

  4. Don’t transfer them from one container to another

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